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Amazing April (4/1/16)
I started asking God about April yesterday, even though I had been picking up some keys for April already. For the last few days especially, I have been feeling a new sense of freedom, which I believe is part of what is in play for April. It is freedom to walk in a different level of authority as certain things have come to a completion. Last night I had a dream that I dreamed about events. Then when I woke up in my dream, the circumstances took place exactly like I dreamed and I knew where things were and what to do. I hear Holy Spirit saying that this dream is part of what is happening in April for many.  Holy Spirit giving you and insight, an ease and wisdom like you have not experienced before in April. Some of you will get a real urge to spring clean or organize -pay attention to this as it signifies shifting in your life. I see the both preparation and launching happening at the same time. I saw you running and gathering things you would need, both at the same time, and gaining speed toward a springboard that was the month of May. God is going to ask you to do things that you may not understand, but they are key to being able to be launched. Over the last month feels like I have been trying to drink water out of a firehose set on full blast and God said that it was a sign to many for what is to come. He is highlighting to us what He wants to release to the masses. April is key in that for YOU! If you are reading this, it is YOU He is highlighting it to, so get ready! What is coming in April will amaze you! #amazingApril #destinyiscalling



March Madness   (3/1/16)  I had a hard time sleeping last night: God is so excited about March! There are things that will be happening this month that will be reminiscent of times past: signs, wonders, miracles, the weight of His presence. It will feel like the first time in forever, but it will be a new season for it and demonstrated in a new way. Also, March will be an acceleration month. It feels like waking up and knowing it is March, but feeling like it is May. Things that took a long time in the past will now be accomplished in leaps and bounds. Strategic connections will be cemented and a revealing of what strategies to implement will be happening. I saw wisdom being poured out like an oil over people’s heads and coming out of their mouths like honey, not only being heard but sticking to a circumstance until it changes and resolved itself. I saw people exclaiming, “This is CRAZY GOOD” because of what God is doing and will do. I heard God laughing and saying, “Now you will know the true meaning of March Madness!” (For our non American friends: March Madness refers to the annual college basketball tournament that usually takes place in March.) Know that in March you are scoring BIG regardless of what feelings and circumstances may try to tell you. In the spirit it is like you have scored a free, all expense paid trip to Disneyland and will not even have to worry about paying a tax at the end of the year because the price has already been paid! God is a GOOD God and March will reveal this in an even greater way! #MarchMadness #destinyiscalling



Soaring Through February (2/1/16)  Last night I saw acceleration hit people in February at three times the speed they were expecting. They were already expecting acceleration, but it was happening at such a speed that it seemed more like “suddenlies” than simple acceleration. For some it will give the feeling of flying through the month with incredible speed and being able to accomplish more than would seem possible. To confirm what Holy Spirit was saying, this morning while driving, I had my drive time to my daughter’s high school cut in half because ALL the lights on the busy, light filled street were green. Every. single. one.  This is what February will feel like. You have been given the “green light” and are beginning to soar! You will be able to perceive things differently from your view and gain clarity. Get ready! #soaringThroughFebruary #destinyiscalling



2016  (1/1/16)


God has been speaking to me for the last four months about this upcoming year and it has mainly had to do with chunks of time or seasons. He is all about time and timing. God always speaks clearly at the beginning of a new year being transitioned into, no matter the culture, or when it moves from season to season – like spring to summer. It is why so many hear a lot around Yom Kippur, for example. I saw that this year is seasons times seasons. Seasons within seasons like wheels within wheels.  Seasons are lining up where seasons past are colliding with new seasons. Old seasons are intersecting with new.

Some of the seasons that you will be encountering this year is a school of the Holy Spirit. I saw a literal school of the Spirit happening where you could be retrained and help bring in a seasonal shift. This includes a season of moving into unfamiliar territory.

By the end of the year there will be a complete shift for many. It will be as if you have a whole new life and much of it would seem unfamiliar to you if you were to look upon it now. Many will shift out of the old mantel and find that it is no longer available to you. The old wasn’t bad, in fact there will definitely be those that will stop doing what you love, but it is not where you’re at now in order to fulfill the new. There simply will not be any room for some of the old in order to pick up the new and run with it.


This is a season where you will run like the champion you were meant to be in 2016. There has been much shifting and many have been in a key strategic position and are already being shifted into moving homes and/or regions or are getting ready to do so.  There will be those that rise up in the next year, those who don’t just got go to one church. They will go to many churches in a region and bridge something that is very key. Some will not understand what Holy Spirit is doing and will think and declare that these people have gone rogue. This could not be farther from the truth. What Holy Spirit is asking these people to is not their normal. They are highly committed and believe in being “plugged into” a fellowship. They are not lone rangers and not gone rogue. Remember that they are a bridge and will help bring unity.

I see pastors rising up and being key to bringing transformation to their region. Strategies and keys will come suddenly as they relearn to love people within their church. I see these pastors open their mouths and see Love pouring out of their mouths. It will draw in and bring in those who never thought they would step inside a church. Restoration will be brought to those who have been wounded or offended by the spirit of religion that was working through well intentioned people. It will bring in hope and new life. Hope will be sweet like honey and drown out and replace the offense and wounds. It will be a year where hope and restoration reign supreme. The transformation that begins within these regions will be larger geographically speaking for some than it will be for others. Some regions will be countries.

“Italy, the Midwest and the Bible Belt”

Italy will be one region that is transformed. Where Italy has received so much bad press in the past, it will now gain international attention for the transformation that is happening. Italy will be shaken to the very core and will be the boot that kicks the rest of Europe into high gear. I also saw people rising out of the edges of the Midwest and the Bible Belt along where the edges of the two meet. “Who is this coming from the edge of the Midwest and the Bible Belt?” I hear people asking. Voice of influence will rise up from these regions and transform culture in a surprising way.

The next eight months will bring a completion from something that God started late August and continues through now into late 2015/early 2016. It is a launching and a relaunching. The tension that will be there in the first eight months of 2016 will build until explodes into the new of the last four months of 2016. Cataclysmic things will be happening and will be the catalytic things happening to and through those that press in and do not shy away from the pursuit of what God is doing throughout the year. There will be moves from old homes into new ones, new levels of authority, better jobs instead of the old ones, new corners turned and new health and life brought. Life will look DIFFERENT one year from now. #2016 #destinyiscalling


What is Coming in December? (12/1/15)  While praying this morning, I saw myself standing on a ginormous calendar for the month of December. It had all my things planned – work, trips, kids’ school stuff, etc. – set on there almost like chess pieces that were about three feet tall in heights. With a ginormous supernatural sweep of my hand, I knocked all the pieces off the calendar and when it was clear, I called out, “What is coming December, Lord?” I heard Him answer, “It is whatever you allow to come in.” I looked back at the calendar around me and all the chess like pieces that represented all that was planned in this month had moved back to the board without my noticing. I knocked them off once again and again asked, “What is coming in December, Lord?” Again He said that it was whatever I allowed to come in. Only this time the meaning behind it was evident. The weight of His words conveyed that He had lots planned too, but unless room was made for it, it might go unnoticed. He then started to hand me different chess like pieces one by one that had words engraved on them. The first one had “strategy for 2016” on it. Next was “hope,” then ” joy,” followed by “reconciliation.” There were many more pieces that He began to hand me. I realized that these pieces were not for me, but for people at large.

December will bring in His goodness and strategy for things you have been praying over. I sense some good surprises that God would like to gift you as well on top of the things that you have been praying for. As I was writing this up on my phone, I saw the edges of the note begin to shimmer. I realized after a moment that it was spiritual and then heard Holy Spirit say, “December will be a month that shines brightly!” Welcome in that which shines brightly because it is covered in His glory! #december #destinyiscalling



Magical November. (11/1/15) “Oh no, no, no God!” I protested this morning. “I can’t use that!” I had been praying over what hashtag He wanted to use for this month. I don’t know why I even argue with Him. I never win. “Magical November,” is what He said as I was praying over this morning’s word. “It will be a month that seems like it has been bathed in pixie dust.”

Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about November for the past week or so. It is the 11th month. My friend sees the number 11 when there is major transition about to happen and going on in their lives, so naturally I have come to associate that number with transition. Not to mention all the spiritual happenings that are going on: yesterday was Hallowed Evening, today is All Saints Day, tonight to tomorrow is Dia De los Muertos… Plus in California, the time changes TODAY. I dislike it when people see signs in everything, are mystical and spooky. I dislike it a lot. But when signs start to pile up, you have to inquire what is going on. Because not only are those things happening, yesterday I saw 11 turkeys (of course in a place I had never been before) and I dreamed about change going on all this month all night long.

God has lined things up so that we can see clearly that things are shifting and changing. He releases a thing and then sets it in motion. He always gives us a heads up when things are about to shift. You can usually see the signs in your own life or if you listen to what the prophets are saying, you will definitely see a pattern of them same thing in this area. November is a sign that there is a change in the times. And according to Holy Spirit, just because there are a ton of spiritual things going on, it isn’t anything bad. He called it magical. Magical November is set to happen, my friends. Embrace what is set to come! #magicalnovember #destinyiscalling


Up the Ante. Raise the Stakes!  (6/24/14)    I heard God say, “Up the ante . Raise the stakes.” To do these things means to increase ones involvement or commitment. To increase in importance or danger. To increase the costs, risks, or considerations involved in taking an action or reaching a conclusion.  An individual who is adept at success. Someone who is not afraid of “going big or going home”.

You get the point. The time has come where you need to be all in, believe in the God that is within you, believe that you are great and believe that you are made for such a time as this. God is increasing His people because His outpouring that will cover the earth is imminent. That means the enemy will up his game as well. The battle cry has gone forth, the shofar has sounded, the generals have been informed of what is to be released, strategies on both sides have been implemented. There is but one outcome, however.

Do you see His eyes, blazing with fire, piercing yours? He is inviting you to come be in the midst of it all. His hand is extended in invitation. His is ready to blaze a trail of His glory that will spread to cover the farthest corners of the earth.


Fulfillment is Coming!  (6/16/14)    Watch over the next couple of months for old visions to start coming to fruition. By old visions I mean things that God has shown you, years ago, would happen. There have been small confirmations that have been come along the way. A key component will happen in the next couple of months to mark the beginning of the vision (what God has shown you) becoming a reality. The complete fulfillment will not come right away, however. So do not be disappointed and trust God to complete what He has set into motion.


Being “Schooled” by God (6/10/14)    I see the Bride stepping forward into what is next with a mixture of determination, willingness and hope. She is stepping onto a bridge she cannot see. It is invisible to her, even though she knows it is there. God is teaching her to trust Him implicitly because she is going where no one has gone before. He only knows the way. He will have to guide her step by step. She cannot look to the right or the left, for if she does, she knows she will misstep. Her focus is single minded. She knows the path she is walking will be visible to others behind her. God is teaching her who she needs to be so she can function in that when she reaches the other side of the bridge.


Rule and Reign (6/2/14)    The number 12 has been popping out at me everywhere this week. The number 12 stands for government. It is a reminder that we are meant to rule and reign. Rule and reign your thought life. Rule and reign the atmosphere in your household, your workspace and  your sphere of influence that extends beyond your household and workplace. Take charge. Use the authority and influence you have been given. You are not just a Kingdom carrier – you also create Kingdom atmosphere wherever you go!

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