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Intercession & Spiritual Warfare

Submitted:  June 15, 2014

Intercession and spiritual warfare are no joke! There are those that spiritualize every single little thing in their life,  in which everything has a spiritual significance at all times. That is not spiritual warfare. I’m sorry, but sometimes a bad dream is just a bad dream – and sometimes going to Disneyland is just going to Disneyland.

Spiritual warfare is when there are events that had been put in motion to take you out of action & there’s a battle going on over you. The enemy has come to steal kill and destroy! So many times we’d like to think that it’s just spiritually that the enemy would like to take us out. That is not so. Events in my life have taught me that if he can, the enemy will come in with sickness and disease. He will influence other people’s minds to come against you (maybe even try to hurt you!) or steal from you. Does this happen spiritually as well? Of course it does, but we can no longer discount the fact that it is in the literal sense as well.

Intercession is when we stand in the gap for someone or something. We are a bridge of sorts. The word tells us that Jesus Himself intercedes for us. Questions that some of you may have: Why do I have a team of people that cover me in prayer? Isn’t my prayer and the prayer of my family enough? Do I not have enough faith because I need a prayer covering?

Let me answer those all in one fell swoop:

Of course I have faith and plenty of it. The magnitude of the things you are to step into determine whether you need help. Jesus asked His disciples to stay up and pray with Him. And He’s the Son of God – hello! Moses needed help holding his staff above his head. God designed us with relationship in mind. Relationship with Him AND relationship with others! There are just things that we can’t do on our own. If we could do it all ourselves, why would we need each other or even God? There are times when one is in a season where you are so busy doing God stuff that you cannot afford to engage in much spiritual warfare. It would take away from what your mandate is at the time. Enter a prayer covering. There are also other times when you face spiritual giants or opposition of a magnitude that WILL wipe you out without help. Enter the prayer covering again.

We had a prayer covering, but never anything specific until recently. Spiritual happenings were so intense and becoming so personal that my husband and I decided to up our prayer covering. I have the most amazing people that cover me and my family in prayer! It has made a HUGE difference in our lives!

If you find yourself in a position where you think you need prayer covering, here are practical steps that we implemented:

  • I have 1-2 people that pray for me each day of the week. They in turn have at least one person that covers them in prayer on the day that they pray for me. This prevents backlash over praying for me from happening (i.e. the enemy taking out my prayer covering!)
  • I asked people that I trust with my business. You have to be willing to be open and vulnerable with you prayer team.
  • In asking people, I asked more than 7 people. There will be some that cannot, at this point I their life, commit to such a thing.
  • I assigned them all a day to cover us each week.
  • Every Saturday, I post prayer points for the upcoming week (sun – sat). I start the post with any updates that I have on the previous week: breakthroughs to things we asked prayer for, praise reports and such things. I close each post with my thanks. Anyone that you ever work with (and they are working with you!) needs to know that you truly value them.  By posting updates and thanks, you truly make the team part of your life and they see the evidence of how they partner with God!

We live in exciting times, which in turn makes the attacks of the enemy at times monumental. However, we serve a big God who has given us access to strategies that help move us forward. Intercession is one of those strategies!



Practicing the Presence

Submitted:  June 15, 2014

One of the secrets to knowing what is on God’s heart is listening to God. It sounds easy, but in fact is not in the culture we live in. Everything is fast paced. We have all sorts of things available at our fingertips. We lived in the “instant” society.

Have you ever tried setting aside time just to listen to God? Not time where you rattle off your list of concerns, pray for people or even worship. Just sitting and listening. It’s SO hard! The thoughts that start going through your head of things you must get done, dinner that must get fixed, things that you want to pray over… In getting to know God we have to take time to listen.

Another tip to knowing what is on God’s heart and learning to discern His voice in your life is that thing that Paul tells the Thessalonians to do: “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thess. 5:17) I don’t know if you’ve ever stopped to think about that verse. How can you pray without ceasing? It seems like an impossible, hopeless task. However, it isn’t.

Praying without ceasing is being mindful of the presence of God in everything that you do. That sounds impossible as well, doesn’t it? The thing is, that the more that you fall in love with God, the more you want to know Him. The more you want to know Him, the more time you spend thinking about Him and the things of God. The more time you spend thinking about Him, the more you start talking to Him about, well, everything.

The first time I read about Brother Lawrence practicing the presence of God, I was so discouraged. I didn’t see how I could possibly ever do that. As time went on, God began to show me how I was practicing His presence in my daily life. I was already doing what Brother Lawrence has written about without realizing it. Prayer is my number one priority. It has been my number one priority for so long that it is as natural as sleeping, breathing and eating. I forget that there are people that don’t live like that. It is an integral part of my life and to being able to function in the gifting and calling that is my mandate.

If you want people to trust what you say about God, what you prophecy, what you teach, how you live and how you function – prayer must be your number one priority. Pray without ceasing.

Practical tips for Practicing the Presence of God

  1. Take 5 minutes a day this week to just sit and listen to God. No worship, no requests. Just listen.
  2. Take a scripture and meditate on it this week. To meditate means to think deeply or focus on for a period of time. Ask God what He thinks about that scripture. Ask Him if there’s any fresh revelation that He can show you.
  3. Look at different news events and instead of talking just to people you know about them, ask God what He thinks. Ask Him if there’s something that He wants you to do about the certain news story.
  4. If you find yourself at a point of frustration, talk to God about it. Worship Him, thank Him, speak life into your point of frustration and watch the frustration turn around.

Basically, these are set points where you begin to involve God in everything that you do. Practice it until it becomes second nature. You’ll be amazed by how it affects your life!




Submitted April 26, 2014

It is important that we, as lovers of God, have at least some sort of understanding and strategy of what time we are living in & what to do with it. “…from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do …” (1 Chronicles 12:32).NIV

God says that we have access to hidden treasure, we have been granted knowledge that others have not, that we have access to mysteries of heaven (think blue prints or strategies)… Matthew 13: 11 NIV), Isaiah 45:3 NIV ,Proverbs 25:2 NIV

Strategies for the upcoming season:

1. Align yourself with like thinkers, people who have the same belief system, mindset, values, etc.

2. Find mentors, spiritual mothers, father (whether they are aware that they play that role or not) that align with your calling.

3. If you are unaware of what your calling is, look at the mentors/spiritual parents you have now. Is there a common denominator that runs in these people’s lives?

4. Know who you are & believe what God says

5. Know what your buttons are & what motivates you

6. Look at people that have similar or the same destinies, callings, etc. Look at who they are & how they function.

7. Fight the good fight with prophetic words spoken over you. Prophetic words are a weapon of warfare! 1 Tim. 1:18, 2 Corinthians 10: 3-5, Ephesians 6:12 NIV

8. It’s time to re-invent yourself! It’s time to go beyond!

Ways to reinvent yourself:

  • Change that wrong thinking
  • Know what your passionate about (what frustrates you?) and ACT on it!
  • Do something in the physical that is a constant reminder of the reinvented you – a haircut, style of clothes, etc. It’s a prophetic act
  • Start proclaiming what you want to do & who you are


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