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margriet 2 Born a Dutch citizen in Berlin, Germany, I spent the first nine months of my life in a Teen Challenge which my parents oversaw and ran. The next four years were spent in Waxahatchi, Texas and Springfield, MO, while my parents pursued their education in God things. The following eight years were spent in Holland as my parents taught in the country’s only Bible college; they were pastors and apostolic leaders before apostolic became a  buzz word or truly knew what it meant.

I spent various summers traveling with my parents all over Europe while they ministered and encouraged pastors behind the Iron Curtain. The family moved back to the United States and spent the remainder of my childhood growing up in lovely Southern California, now with two additional siblings.

It was there at age 19 that I started to have some serious God encounters. I have had a prophetic gifting for as long as I can remember – I just never had any paradigm for what it was or that I was even any different from anyone else growing up. When I started having God encounters, I began to realize that what I was “seeing” was not the norm for most people.

margrietI didn’t have open visions, but I would “see” into the spirit realm and get visions of things that couldn’t be anything other than God: I saw my son at age 10, four bluish angels protecting me during my intense God times – things like that. I began picking up “God thoughts” – not the still, small voice of God and not the audible voice of God, but something like the audible voice of God in thought form – one that cuts through all the other ones and lets you know God is speaking. God, in His mercy, protected me and gave me enough wisdom not to share with people at that time and didn’t allow me to think that I was making things up…or going crazy!

It was there that I also that I started dating my husband. We served in youth ministry together after we got married. We ended up where we began in ministry – serving Rich and Lindy Oliver in Orangevale, CA as youth pastors and overseers of the school of ministry. It was in 1996 when God changed our perspective about Him and who He is. I eventually learned that I had a prophetic gifting and was called to do other things than only serve alongside my husband (gasp!). I started by training young people in the prophetic, and then moved on to training adults.

I found that I loved seeing people released into greater things. I began to teach at our school of ministry, conferences and retreats on the prophetic ministry, inner healing, dreams & interpretation of dreams. During this time we also welcomed four amazing children – three girls and one boy, whose ages now range from 8 to 16 years old.

Margriet-1090130-M My passion is to help release people into their destinies – to equip them with eyes to see and ears to hear. Some of the resources you will be able to find online – teachings on the prophetic and dreams. I’m very much a people person. I’d rather teach you in person than through a manual. I am currently working on a detailed training manual that focuses on Spiritual Warfare Strategies.

On a side note, I love hanging out with people. My favorite people to do that with are my best friend and my children. I love having fun and being silly. There is too much seriousness out there – my husband keeps me grounded in being the instigator of crazy fun things. Some of my favorite moments and conversations happen around my dinner table. I love serving good food and feeding people. I’m a self proclaimed foodie (even though God has called to live a fasted lifestyle, but that makes food all the better when I am able to eat!). I love living in the greater Sacramento area with my fantastic family, but I often dream of the shores of Maui. I love laughing often and bringing life wherever I go!

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